Do you know Jennifer Connelly's children? The name of one of them is linked to the film that shocked Nicole Kidman

Jennifer Connelly has 3 children, two with her current husband and the first with a previous relationship.

She has been married since 2003 to her colleague Paul Bettany, with whom she had two children, but the actress already had a first child born in 1997 from her previous relationship with photographer David Dugan. 

Kai Dugan (July 1997 - age 24 years)

Kai Dugan is the first child of actress Jennifer Connelly with photographer David Dugan. Although he is the son of a Hollywood actress, the boy was able to live a relatively normal childhood. His parents never married. In January 2003, his mother married actor Paul Bettany. It is not known if Kai wants to act and follow in his mother's footsteps, because very little is known about him.

Stellan Bettany (August 5, 2003 - age 18 years)

Stellan is the second child of the actress, but the firstborn of the Connelly-Bettany couple, born in 2003. The name is a clear homage to Stellan Skarsgård, the actor with whom Paul Bettany starred in Lars Von Trier's Dogville. This film is very particular, because it shocked not only the audience who saw it, but also the protagonists themselves and in particular Nicola Kidman, who was not only very upset by the shooting, but also admitted that he would never want to work with the film again. movie director. In particular, it was a scene that shocked the actress during the private pre-screening, the one in which the woman she plays is repeatedly raped. The actress played in the film a woman held as a sex slave by a man who rapes her and handcuffs her by holding her with an iron collar to prevent her from escaping. The actress was unable to sustain the screening and she decided at that moment that she would no longer participate in any film bearing the signature of Lars Von Trier.

Agnes Lark Bettany (May 31, 2011 - age 10 years)

The couple's youngest daughter is named Agnes Lark Bettany, born on May 31, 2011. For the birth of the girl, the actress had a water birth at home. If Bettany and Connelly were hoping to have an acting prodigy among their brood, it looks like Agnes - their youngest daughter might be the favorite! Connelly, during the interview with Kimmel, stated that her daughter Agnes loves to come to work with her and even enjoys helping her handle her lines. Jennifer went on to say that Agnes often gives her suggestions or changes to make, which hints that Agnes may not have her eyes on acting, but rather on directing: "She'll sit next to the monitor with her headphones on and watch pretty critically. and some of these tips have even received a thumbs up and praise from the Connelly director. There is no question, Agnes already has a promising future in Hollywood!

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Jennifer Connelly started her career as a child model.
Jennifer Connelly in 2002, Connelly won an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a BAFTA for her supporting role as Alicia Nash in Ron Howard's 2001 biopic "A Beautiful Mind."
magazines including Time, Vanity Fair and Esquire, as well as the Los Angeles Times newspaper have included Jennifer Connelly on their lists of the most beautiful women in the world.
That's a very big question. I'm one of those people that was really, profoundly changed by having kids especially my first son.

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