Jennifer Connelly in Snowpiercer 3

What to expect from Snowpiercer three? The second season finale, released on Netflix, literally opened a glimmer of light consistent with the passengers on the train. The sacrifice of Melanie, who has always believed in the possibility of finding a habitable land, far from the huge sheet of ice, was not in vain.

Thus, consistent with her daughter Alex, accompanied by Layton, Ruth and the others, she begins a new life. But what will become of Melanie Cavill? Is her character really dead? Executive producer Becky Clements answered this and other questions regarding the future of the dystopian series, based on the picture novel of the same name - which then inspired Bong Joon-ho's 2013 movie.

Each of them is looking for her place in the world, "she explains in an interview with Deadline. "There will be a small time jump, not significant, but quite consistent with showing the public, in an efficient and interesting way, what the new world order is like. And of course speaking to the characters and their connections.

There's a lot of fun in season three now that new alliances have formed and there are new enemies. " Snowpiercer three will welcome a new, "great character" and other minor characters, who will serve to wreak havoc in the universe of the series. The Season 2 finale left the fate of allegedly dead Melanie Cavill in suspense, according to train passengers.

Yet there is still hope that she is alive. To confirm it is always there. to. producer Clements, who says, "With great pleasure we announce that Melanie will be joining us in Season 3." How she will be present is yet to be decided. In fact, Layton, Alex and the others have not found her body, and this is a good sign: l. to. woman somehow managed to survive?

Or is she dead and will only appear in flashbacks? In any case, fans need not fear: Jennifer Connelly is a great protagonist of the story, so she will return to full peace (hopefully) also in Snowpiercer three. Due to various work commitments, the actress was only able to shoot half of the second season.

As for the future of the series, the. to. Clements stated that l. to. production is evaluating the concept of creating more seasons. “At the moment we are busy writing the. to. season three and decide when to start shooting. But, yes, we have season four and beyond in mind. It all depends on the network. " Waiting to see the new chapter of Snowpiercer, the top two seasons are available on Netflix.

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